Are you ready to fully step into your true self in order to achieve your vision in life?

You are unique for a reason. To not embrace this, not only do you deny the opportunity for others to know the real you, but by not being in tune with yourself, means the world is going to miss out on your contribution. Whatever your vision is right now in life, parenting, career, or relationships, the key to success is to align your thoughts, emotions, and behaviours in a way that is consistently reflective of your authentic self.


What can you learn about yourself when you are authentic?

It helps you to gain clarity about yourself. You don’t have to know everything about yourself to be yourself. Discovering yourself is an ongoing process in life. It requires you to be aware of your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. This clarity allows you to identify your level of preferences so you can then set healthy and effective boundaries.


The journey of claiming your authentic self is a remarkable path to honouring your past experiences and influences, and then embracing the power you hold today to write your OWN story.


What can you learn about how others perceive you, and what should you do about it?

It is important to know when and how to adapt to suit those around you while still being true to yourself. Being unapologetically you does not mean that you can just bulldoze your way through life without respecting how others experience your presence. Practicing mindfulness can be a great way to ensure you are holding the space necessary to learn about other people and to understand and accept them for who they are.


It is often thought that aligning ourselves with like-minded people is the key to leveraging connections in your life, relationships, and career. This is very true, however, we should consider when it is actually beneficial to align with those having a different style or way of being because what you bring to each other may be just what you both need in order to level up and get out of your comfort zone. That quiet colleague who never shares much and just goes with the flow? Well, they might just be waiting for that right moment for you to acknowledge them and call them forth to speak up and share their ideas.


We all desire a sense of belonging and purpose. Bringing your authenticity to the table means that you are  striving to ensure that nobody is left questioning your intentions when you stand up to leave. It also means that you have done the work to better understand and seek clarity regarding the intentions of others before they stand up to leave. 


If everyone were the same, how incredibly mundane would life be? Learn to appreciate and value uniqueness and take the time to truly SEE someone and understand them. This is how we CREATE opportunities to shine – for ourselves and for others.


Authenticity is one of your most important superpowers. Use it. Be it. Live it.

About the Author

Stephanie Semotok is a Certified Master Coach Practitioner, Supportive Counsellor, and Empowerment Specialist. She is the founder of Phenomenally You Life Coaching. She currently lives in rural Manitoba and has over 16 years of professional experience working in the social services field. Stephanie brings a wealth of valuable experiences in parent support, relationships, mental health, disability advocacy, and workplace accommodations & accessibility. Her strengths-based approach focuses on personal empowerment, proactive communication, and positive work-life balance.

With an educational background in Applied Counselling and a strong passion for facilitating, Stephanie has been certified as a facilitator for several programs including Non-Violent Crisis Intervention and Mental Health First Aid Canada. She also brings her dynamic presence as a facilitator to several of the Certified Flourishing Coach Programs.

Stephanie is known for her real-world approach and authentic enthusiasm when supporting people through some of life’s most difficult challenges and their most celebrated successes. Her vision is for all people to flourish as they identify and use their superpowers to achieve their dreams.