Jill Weatherhead is a Certified Flourishing Life and Wellness Coach with other certifications as well. Author of 90 Days to Spark Your Beauty.

She is married to Dr. Norm, and they have two grown sons who are married, plus 5 grandchildren and a grand puppy.

Jill is on a mission to help redefine beauty and to spark the beauty she knows is in everyone. Her outreach is specifically to women struggling with the question “When is it my turn?”, “Am I invisible?” “Where do I belong?”.

She goes beyond this one topic of beauty to speak and write on topics she hopes will not just spark but ignite the fire within. More recently, Jill has left her nursing career of over 30 years behind (some call it retire) to pursue a new path. She writes, “This is 65”, debunking the view that retirement is the end.