Do you have a place where you can go and be yourself? This is part of my journey. To find ‘home’ – a place to belong. Where I don’t have to prove anything to anyone but just exist and be me.

The struggle became such that a year ago I shared with my husband I did not believe I could continue at  my job. We talked. We prayed. And it was decided that I would leave that job and look for something more fulfilling.

It is hard to believe that was just one year ago.

I had started writing a book and I thought perhaps the book could be published and then I could speak on the topic – to help others in their journey of self discovery and self love.

I’d been part of Connie Jacob’s challenges before and each time I felt like when she said “You have a story that needs to be told” I started to think perhaps she’s correct.

In August of 2022, I worked my last two shifts and walked away from a career I had held for over thirty years.  My book was with the publisher for some final tweaking and formatting. It was no longer “perhaps” these dreams were about to be a reality.

It seemed accidental that I saw her share a link as a response to a question on a Facebook post. I saw a workshop that looked interesting, and I signed up to attend. It was called Flourishing in Business Conference.

After the two intensive days, I knew that the ‘what’s next’ was right in front of me. After a bit of praying again, my husband and I felt my next step was to enroll for the Flourishing Coaching Program.

It was only a few days later, after we discussed and prayed about it, that I enrolled in the year long program. This was a group of people that were so welcoming, I already felt comfortable and safe.

Now I feel like my life is actually flourishing. My brand is Spark Your Beauty – ignite the beauty within. My goal is to help others, specifically women, to redefine beauty in order to discover their self worth and value. I intend to use my book “90 Days to Spark Your Beauty” to speak my message. My next dream is to then also do group coaching, retreats and have online courses so that others too can have the life they are meant to have.

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