Excuse me, you are in my way!

I was paused at the grocery store in the aisle looking at the array of crackers trying to make a decision. Unknowingly, I had completely blocked the aisle with my shopping cart. I’m not sure how long I had been standing there before this person spoke.

In my peripheral vision I had been aware of her coming my direction. I was aware that she paused. I think I even remember hearing her clear her throat to get my attention. Then finally with a bit of frustration in her voice she spoke “Excuse me, you are in my way!”

Embarrassed and taken off guard, I quickly moved and she literally blew past me.

It was not just the distraction of the variety of crackers. It was all the thoughts. What would people think? What would people like? How much can I afford?

Fear rises now in my chest. That fear that takes a bit of my breath away. Words from an old song begin to play in my mind “what if I stumble, what if I fall”.  My mind then remembers my last group visit and a smile begins to show up on my face. My breathing eases.

It is just crackers Jill. This group of people will just be glad to see you.

I take my selections and go thru the check out smiling as I leave the store. Thankful for a group who reminds me who is in my way – simply put – that would be me.

Distractions and excuses are often what gets in our way of sharing the vision already implanted in our hearts. For me, I see a direction I could take and then ponder on if it is the right time? Are these the right people for this message?

Here’s what I’ve been learning though. It is my thoughts. My distractions. My excuses. These are what are in my way.

I don’t know what was planted in your heart – or the story you are meant to tell but I’m writing to tell you to watch out because the ‘thing’ that might be in your way – it could be you!

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