Have you seen the movie The Intern from 2015? I can’t say I fully recommend it because it was a while ago that I watched it. But I am now identifying with the main character – a 70 year old man who was retired but wanted more to life so applied to be an intern at a clothing design company. This month has been me adapting to being now what is known as a retired senior citizen. I have not been really excited about it – even if it means I get the little old lady cheque each month starting in July. I’m not sure I am retired. Last year I left my nursing career behind and walked thru a new door. No not retired. That sounds like someone that sits and knits and waits for someone to come and visit for a cup of tea. The new door is to look at this idea of becoming a coach. On June 1st, I turned 65 and on June 5th I started a 3 month internship along with some others also desiring to build a coaching business. As an intern, we are getting additional training each week from Abe, Connie and Cynthia. We start off in the main room and the first exercise is putting on a white board the stats of what we did the previous week (how many contacts? Phone calls? Emails? Booked discovery calls etc). Then we have a time of learning together. One week Cynthia talked to us about the “sales call”. The importance of having a tracking system not just a contact list. She gave us some scripts to help us with booking discovery calls. Then she offered to help us with making those phone calls. This is a big leap for me and so far I have sent emails and text messages to set up the phone call. It will happen though because I am not only passionate about the various programs, I see the change in my life and I want it for others. A highlight of the morning is that we attend the staff meeting. It is exciting to hear some of the things that are happening, some of the dreams and hopes for ‘tomorrow’. Our feedback is encouraged making me feel even more like part of the team. The best part of the afternoon is that we spend time working on our business and it is great to mix and mingle with the others as we work thru this ‘homework’ that is given to us.

There are moments in this new being 65 that I feel like it might be too late. But thanks to this Internship, the staff, and the other interns, I am open to learning and trying new things. I am so thankful to be part of this internship program. To have an opportunity to work on relevant projects, learn more about the ‘coaching’ world, and also start developing the skills to take me the next step. My word for 2023 is Embrace! And I hope that the internship will help me as I launch my EMBRACE Life Coaching Program.

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