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As a Certified Flourishing Life Facilitator of the FLQ, you will develop an:  


  • Understanding of a strengths-based model of practice and how its guiding principles can be integrated in your coaching practice. 
  • Ability to administer the Flourishing Life Questionnaire, interpret the scoring patterns and create a participatory strategic growth action plan. 
  • Ability to use the FLQ profile to hear, understand and respond to the client’s story in transformative ways. 
  • Understanding how the goal of flourishing lays the foundation for personal well-being, competence and sense of purpose.. 
  • Understanding of the important role of mindsets, resilience and performance soft skills for navigating life’s challenges in successful ways. 
  • Understanding of brain-based learning and the four stages of transformational change (CIBE – Connect, Inspire, Build, and Empower). 
  • Develop the ability to promote positive change in clients from the “inside out” – nurturing self confidence, self efficacy, sense of purpose and self-empowerment.  

The Flourishing Life Questionnaire (FLQ)  

Flourishing Life has created an applied practice model and validated, ground-breaking tool that measures the unique strengths and potential limitations of individuals through a web- based platform based upon the Flourishing Life Framework. Intended to be holistic and comprehensive in nature, the Flourishing Life Questionnaire (FLQ) consists of 88 questions that assess the three major pillars of flourishing (i.e., Personal, Environmental and Performance Strengths) and the relevant strengths that research has identified as critical to building the capacity to thrive and experience personal and professional success. 

How it works! 

Based upon the person’s responses to the 88 questions from the Flourishing Life Questionnaire (FLQ),  an individualized profile is generated along with the option to create a growth action plan.  The profile scores highlight a person’s current capacity and confidence to draw upon their strengths in constructive ways. Understanding a person’s perception and potential to thrive prepares coaches to determine the best next-step growth strategy to engage a person in meaningful and empowering ways. 

From Surviving To Thriving (Flourishing Life Questionnaire)

One Day Training with Dr. Wayne Hammond – February 2023

One Day Training with Dr. Wayne Hammond – September 2022

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