and reveal the potential you always knew was inside of you!

The life of purpose and flourishing that you want is right here waiting for you to seize it, but what often holds us back?

Hurt, wounds, trauma, and experiences of the past tell us stories that keep us from what we want.

There is a moment we all must come to where we decide to heal the past, let go, and move forward. Your past doesn’t have to define you, but the moment you decide to take action DOES.

It takes a brave person to face themselves, but everyone who has are those you see living their dreams with freedom and vision.


is just what you need to advance and create the life you know you are meant to have.

January 22-23, 2022

It’s time to throw off everything that hinders.

Reveal the potential you always knew was inside of you!

In just one weekend you will discover keys to break through!

Now is the time to move beyond the limitations that have held you back.

Shift your story

Shed the shame

Take the 9 steps to healing

Become fully secure

Apply strategies for success

Shine with significance



Director of Community, Certified Flourishing Coach™

Connie Jakab has been working in resilience and flourishing for over 20 years.  Starting with youth at risk and gangs in East Vancouver, Connie has been researching how community creates resilience and mental wellness her entire career through a sociological lens.  She has owned and started three companies, along with a non-profit from scratch, growing her businesses to empower others to grow and expand their personal potential.  Her passion to see others reach their potential has allowed her to oversee regional and national high-performance teams.  She has been working to ignite Brave Communities and Collaborations in teams for over 20 years.

She is the author of three books, the third one selling out within the first six months.  Connie has spoken on stages all over North America, impacting audiences with her passion and compassion.  Her engaging storytelling won Connie the opportunity to meet and share the stage with Tony Robbins.  Connie was recently given the award “Woman of Inspiration Top 150 in Canada” for her passion to see others flourish.


Founder, Certified Flourishing Coach™

Abe Brown, MBA, CMCT, CPHSA is the Coach’s Coach, and is an Entrepreneur, Professional Speaker, International Best-Selling Author, and High-Performance Leadership Coach.  He is the founder of the Flourishing Life Coaching Program™, the CEO of Wellness Innovate Corp, and the CEO of Momentum Coaching.

Abe is people-first, and is focused on supporting people, relationships, entrepreneurs, businesses, and non-profits to thrive.  Flourishing people produce flourishing relationships, businesses, and workplaces, along with high performance and profound positive impact.  Abe is also passionate about workplace mental health and changing the world by changing the workplace.  Along with the team at Wellness Innovate, Abe is the creator of Flourishing Workplaces™.

Abe has started or led several businesses and non-profits into the tens of millions of dollars, and has worked in the entrepreneur space, the corporate space, and the non-profit space at Senior Executive levels.  As past President of the Certified Coaches Federation for 13 years, Abe trained and certified thousands of Life Coaches and Executive Coaches in North America and around the world.  Abe is focused on coaching leaders, executives, and entrepreneurs towards high-performance, resilience, and over-the-top results in both life and business.  Abe has also been a professional speaker for over two decades, has spoken professionally in 4 continents and over 20 countries around the world, and has spoke to audiences of tens of thousands.

Abe is the creator of The Influencer Formula™, the High-Performance Leadership Coaching Program™, the Leadership Mastery™ Program, the Entrepreneur Blueprint™, and Elevate EST™ (Exceptional Speaker Training).

Abe earned a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) from the University of Calgary Haskayne School of Business, and a Master’s in Religious Education and Counselling from California State Christian University.

now is your time!

to let go and move forward.

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