Certified Flourishing Educator™ Coach – Live & Livestream Online – Calgary – November 25-26, 2023


Last Day for Early Bird pricing is November 4, 2023

Flourishing Life Coach Certification is the pre-requisite for this training. A bundle can be purchased by clicking HERE.

✓8:30am – 5pm Mountain Time Both Days

✓ Live & Livestream Online

✓ Live Instruction with Connie Jakab. Please email for a detailed course outline.

✓ 2-Day Program Intensive

✓ Online Portal with Additional Resources

✓ Bonus Training Recordings

✓ Private Facebook Community

✓ and MORE!


Educators are more important than ever, but many feel they lack the skills to impact and teach students in the way they desire. Our 2 Day Certification will not be about teaching you more knowledge, but taking practical evidenced based tools you need RIGHT NOW and APPLYING them into your school year. With lots of experiential learning, you will leave with a plan of implementation that will not only help your students thrive this year, but also prevent you from burning out. In this 2 day certification we include:

  • 4 pre work video modules from Dr Wayne Hammond
  • Our Flourishing Life Assessment which measures the 10 core competencies of flourishing and a full assessment report
  • Cutting edge innovation on the science of flourishing, and why this is a better goal than just resilience.
  • Experiential learning so you don’t just listen, but you put the tools into practice!

You will receive: 

  • Certification as a “Certified Flourishing Educator ™”
  • An Evidence-Based and Practitioner-Focused Model,
  • Live Instruction With A Live Facilitator,
  • An Online Portal With Additional Resources,
  • 4 Online Pre-work Preparation Modules,
  • 4 Online Post-Course Support Modules,
  • Training To Interpret The FLQ, and Ongoing Authorization To Purchase and Use The FLQ With Your Clients,
  • 28 Hours of Continuing Education Credit,
  • A One-on-One Follow Up Session With Your Facilitator,
  • Access To Our Monthly Certified Flourishing Coach™ Support Webinar,
  •  Private Facebook Community

Tools you will walk away with:

  • Our 6 step CHANGE model mapping out how to bring students from anxiety/depression to flourishing.
  • A one year flourishing plan for yourself to prevent burnout
  • A school year growth plan
  • Self care stragegies that work
  • Trauma informed education tools
  • How to create belonging in your classroom
  • How to create connection, and not just like the concept.
  • How to build connection among staff members
  • How to build bridges of connection with parents/caregivers to be the student’s village
  • How to have tough conversations and conflict resolution tools
  • Boundaries for educators
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