Certified Flourishing Leadership Coach™ – Livestream Online – Calgary – August 13-14, 2022


Last Day for Early Bird pricing is July 23, 2022

✓ August 13-14, 2022 in Calgary, Alberta (Mountain Time)

✓ Livestream Online

✓ 2-Day Program Intensive

✓ Live Instruction with Maria Maksymytz. Please email Maria Maksymytz at Maria@certifiedflourishingcoach.com for a detailed course outline.

✓ Online Portal with Additional Resources

✓ Bonus Training Recordings

✓ Private Facebook Community

✓ and MORE!

Take your leadership skills and knowledge to the next level, with our Certified Flourishing Leadership Coach™ Certification, so you can confidently lead your clients, organization or team as the leader you were born to be. You will receive evidence-based tools and a skillset that will grow your capacity as a leader while amplifying your ability to positively influence others. You will discover the ten Critical Success Factors for Flourishing Leadership, the four essentials for emotional intelligence for leadership, and seven secrets of high performance leadership. You will leave equipped with evidence-based assessments and tools to support your clients in their best leadership:

    • A fresh perspective on leadership and it’s critical importance in the world,
    • The 10 Key Success Factors For Flourishing Leadership,
    • The mindset, tools and skillset to authentically lead from the heart, and support others to do the same,
    • Training to allow you and your clients to lead confidently with integrity, passion, and purpose,
    • Evidence-based tools, assessments, and templates to support your clients in achieving their leadership goals,
    • Learn to lead in a way that aligns with your personality and skills, and to help others to do the same,
    • Experience the Flourishing Self-Assessment Tool-Leadership (FSAT-L), Leadership Compass, Leadership Growth Plan (LGP), Leadership Action Plan (LAP), Leadership Mindset Assessment (LMA), and Leadership Accountability Scorecard (LAS).


With a Certified Flourishing Leadership Coach™ designation, an existing Certified Coach can lean into coaching one of the most lucrative submarkets within the overall coaching marketplace, that of leaders and executives.  By becoming a Certified Flourishing Leadership Coach™, you will have the tools and skills to effectively coach diverse leaders and executives in all areas, and accelerate your own capacity to monetize your coaching business.

The Certified Flourishing Leadership Coach™ program defines and explores leadership using The 10 Critical Success Factors For Flourishing Leadership™, and introduces the Flourishing Life Questionnaire-Leadership (FLQ-L), the Flourishing Self Assessment Tool-Leadership (FSAT-L) along with the Leadership Compass, Leadership Growth Plan (LGP), Leadership Action Plan (LAP), Leadership Mindset Assessment (LMA), and Leadership Accountability Scorecard (FAS).

These tools provide a measure of current leadership effectiveness against the 10 Critical Success Factors For Flourishing Leadership™ using a strengths-based approach. This offers guidance to the leadership coaching client and the Certified Flourishing Leadership Coach™ around the next steps and strategies for developing as a leader or executive in business, entrepreneurship, or the non-profit world.

In Certified Flourishing Coaching™, all of our certification programs are evidence-based, grounded in science, and draw from coaching best practices.  Based on the psychology of flourishing and the most effective coaching techniques honed over decades of coaching and counselling tens of thousands of clients, along with training and certifying thousands of coaches all over the world, Certified Flourishing Coaching™ is the first global coaching model that is truly evidence-based.

As Coaching has evolved, clients are looking for an approach that is more evidence-based and professional.  Coaching is evolving towards Flourishing, because there is a scientific and evidence-basis for Flourishing, and because the concepts of Flourishing can be easily applied in a Leadership Coaching context.

Flourishing Leadership Is Made Up of 10 Critical Success Factors:

  1. The Personal Factor – Beyond IQ and EQ to SQ and CQ 
  2. The Power Factor – Core Orientation of Service
  3. The Proper Fit Factor – Personal and Cultural Congruence 
  4. The Purpose Factor – Clarity and Focus 
  5. The Passion Factor – Alignment with Appetite 
  6. The People Factor – Emotional Intelligence 
  7. The Partnering Factor – Social Intelligence 
  8. The Progressive Factor – Creativity and Innovation 
  9. The Production Factor – Strategy and Execution 
  10. The Public Communication Factor – Public Relations and Messaging 

Included in your Certified Flourishing Leadership Coach Registration:

  • The Certified Flourishing Leadership Coach™ Training Program,
  • The Science of Flourishing and Application In A Leadership Context,
  • 10 Core Competencies For Flourishing,
  • The 10 Critical Success Factors For Flourishing Leaders,
  • Leadership Defined, and Mastering the Language of Leadership,
  • The Neuroscience of Leadership,
  • Psychological Safety and High Performance,
  • Experiential learning as a Coach and a Client
  • Permission to use the Certified Flourishing Leadership Coach™ Material with your clients
  • Certification as a “Certified Flourishing Leadership Coach™”
  • An Evidence-Based and Practitioner-Focused Model,
  • Live Instruction With A Live Facilitator,
  • An Online Portal With Additional Resources,
  • 2 Full Days of Facilitator-Led, Program Intensive Training,
  • 2-Day Live Program Intensive,
  • 4 Online Pre-work Preparation Modules,
  • 4 Online Post-Course Support Modules,
  • Access to the FLQ-L (Flourishing Life Questionnaire-Leadership) Prior To The Course,
  • Training To Interpret The FLQ-L, and Authorization To Purchase and Use The FLQ-L With Your Clients,
  • 28 Hours of Continuing Education Credit,
  • Outlines For 10 Sessions As A Certified Flourishing Leadership Coach™,
  • A One-on-One Follow Up Session With Your Facilitator,
  • Access To Our Monthly Certified Flourishing Coach™ Support Webinar,
  • Bonus Training Recordings,
  • Private Certified Flourishing Coach™ Facebook Community,
  • A Thriving Community of Support and Empowerment, 
  • Full session outlines, tools, and worksheets for at least 10 sessions with your clients who are leaders, executives, or entrepreneurs,
  • Certified Flourishing Leadership Coach™ Participant Manual
  • The Flourishing Self Assessment Tool-Leadership (FSAT-L),
  • The Leadership Compass, 
  • The Leadership Growth Plan (LGP), 
  • The Leadership Action Plan (LAP), The Leadership Mindset Assessment (LMA), 
  • The Leadership Accountability Scorecard (FAS).
  • Tools, resources, and ongoing support
  • Strategies for marketing your services as a Certified Flourishing Leadership Coach™ to leaders, executives, entrepreneurs, and organizations in BOTH the for-profit and not-for-profit space,
  • And More!

More Info…

The 10 Critical Success Factors For Flourishing Leadership:


1. The Personal Factor – Beyond

IQ & EQ to SQ & CQ 

In the Professional world, surgeons have equipment and medicine.  Musicians have instruments.  Authors have pen and keyboard.  But leaders have just themselves.  The instrument of leadership is the self, and mastery of the art of leadership comes when we master ourselves.  And this is not easy.

It takes skill, resilience, and courage.  Flourishing Leadership is self-mastery.  Leadership development is self-development.

Flourishing Leadership is about leading out of that which inhabits your soul.  Your external world, which is what you show to others, is simply a reflection of what is inside.  The outside always reflects the inside.  Broadly speaking, what’s occurring today in your leadership life and in the realm of your relationships is simply a reflection of what inhabits your inner world.  You are today in your leadership where your thoughts have brought you.  Tomorrow, you will be in your leadership where your thoughts take you.  A part of Flourishing Leadership is your cognitive (IQ) and emotional intelligence (EQ), but an often-under-looked component is your level of personal security (SQ) and your ethical character (CQ).  Your SQ drives how you interact and relate with others and your self-awareness, while your CQ drives your behavior.  In leadership, how we relate with others and how we behave drives our results and thus is critical, both to our own success and the success of our teams.  So, Flourishing Leadership all starts by looking within, particularly with respect to your SQ and CQ.

2. The Power Factor – Core Orientation of Service

Serving others is central to the definition of Flourishing Leadership and so as leaders, our core orientation is most effective when it is wired for service.  However, this core orientation flows from our programming, and so unhealthy programming needs to be addressed.  Unhealthy leaders have a core orientation that is toward self, rather than towards service.  Unhealthy leaders also tend to force people to build walls rather than bridges, and they divide people and organizations rather than nurturing people and organizations.  Healthy leaders seek to serve and support those they lead and move forward with a core orientation of service.  

3. The Proper Fit Factor – Personal and Cultural Congruence 

No matter how educated, experienced, or talented, leaders lead best when they lead from a place of personal congruence to their LIFEFIT: their unique strengths and skills.  They also lead best when they align with the culture of the organization they serve, from a values perspective.  A “proper fit” is both personal and cultural.  In other words, Flourishing Leadership is about leaders discovering their unique strengths and skills and operating in congruence with them.  But leaders also need to discover the culture of the organization they lead and align with that culture while pioneering forward.  A leader who aligns in terms of personal, professional, and cultural fit is empowered to operate at their best.

4. The Purpose Factor – Clarity and Focus 

Though managing through ambiguity and uncertainty is part of the skill set of every leader, creating clarity and focus is a critical competency for Flourishing Leadership.  Velocity is not as important as clear and accurate direction, and so Flourishing Leadership is about facilitating a group to coalesce around focus that supports the values, mission, vision, and goals of the collective.  This level of clarity, focus, and vision is not extrinsically imposed or forced, but is intrinsically discovered, developed, and then driven.   

5. The Passion Factor – Alignment with Appetite 

Passion is one of the single most important assets we have as leaders.  Flourishing Leadership is inspiring followers with passion, values, and authenticity.  Passion differentiates us consistently over time, and it needs to be nurtured, evolved, and reinvigorated consistently to keep it true and alive.  Vision and passion go together in Flourishing Leadership because leaders who wield significant influence do so from a place of inspiration and authenticity.  Leaders are typically at their best when they lead from their passion as opposed to from their position.  Passion is one of the most powerful drivers of success.  Very little that is exceptional or sustainable has ever been achieved without passion.  How do effective leaders find their passions, and maintain healthy passions?

6. The People Factor – Emotional Intelligence 

Leaders who practice Flourishing Leadership elicit high performance because they strongly believe in the abilities of those they lead to achieve even the most challenging goals.  Great leaders shape high performance in their people because they strongly believe in their abilities to become and achieve.  As a leader, your positive expectations profoundly influence not only people’s aspirations, but unconsciously, how you behave toward them.  Your beliefs about people are broadcast in ways you may not even be aware of, from your cues, to your body language, and your words.  Those you lead will find it difficult to realize their highest level of performance unless you let them know in your words and your cues that you are confident in them.  Leaders with high levels of emotional intelligence tend to make better decisions, engage, and influence those they lead more effectively, and exhibit emotional stability.  The heart of Flourishing Leadership is working with people; and working with people means the high level of self-awareness that emotional intelligence brings coupled with the skills to motivate the highest levels of performance in the people we lead.

7. The Partnering Factor – Social Intelligence 

While Emotional Intelligence may be the one-on-one skills in a leader that are critical for success, Social Intelligence can be defined as the collaborative and team-building skills required.  Collective efforts such as organizations require leaders to navigate the often competing and complex demands of our teams, and navigating these landscapes take Social Intelligence.  Promotion in leadership often means that pushing forward an agenda is less about positional authority than about learning to skillfully navigate the dynamics of influence.  In leadership, each promotion or new level broadens our horizons to encompass wider issues, more impactful decisions, and larger groups of stakeholders.  The heart of Flourishing Leadership is creating strategic partnerships and sustainable alliances which support people’s growth and further the objectives of the organization.

8. The Progressive Factor – Creativity and Innovation 

Stagnant leaders produce stagnant people, which produce stagnant organizations.  Stagnant organizations do not solve problems, meet needs, create new products or platforms, or generate growth.  At their worst, stagnant organizations cease to remain relevant and eventually deteriorate.  Flourishing Leadership is about keeping people and organizations innovative, creative, and relevant.  Creativity is designing new things, while innovation is doing new things, and relevance is doing the right thing at the right time.  The role of a creative and innovation leader is not to have all the ideas, or to be the main source of execution of the great ideas, but it is to create a culture where everyone can be curious, be inspired, have ideas, feel safe, and feel like they are valued.  Leaders who understand Flourishing Leadership both design and do new things, and engineer the right thing at the right time, empowering their people and organization to not stagnate but remain relevant.

9. The Production Factor – Strategy and Execution 

The renowned management guru Peter Drucker reportedly said that “Culture eats strategy for breakfast”.  This suggests that brilliant strategy must be supported by culture.  However, if culture eats strategy for breakfast, then effective execution eats both lunch and dinner.  Sun Tsu said, “Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory, tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.”   Without strategy, execution is aimless.  Without execution, though, strategy is meaningless.  The essence of strategy and execution is choosing what not to do.  Strategy Execution is the responsibility that makes or breaks executives, and so Flourishing Leadership is about learning Production: both to strategize and to execute.

10. The Public Communication Factor – Public Relations and Messaging 

The ability to effectively communicate is one of the most critical skills in leadership.  The art of communication is the language of leadership because a leader can have brilliant ideas, but without the skill to get them across, the leader and team is going nowhere.  Gilbert Amelio said that “Developing excellent communication skills is absolutely essential to effective leadership.  The leader must be able to share knowledge and ideas to transmit a sense of urgency and enthusiasm to others.  If a leader can’t get a message across clearly and motivate others to act on it, then having a message doesn’t even matter.”  Flourishing Leadership is about learning Public Communication.  Great leaders connect with people on an emotional level when they speak.  Their words inspire others to achieve more than they ever thought possible.  In real estate, the old cliché is “location, location, location.”  In leadership, it is this: “communication, communication, communication.”  And the leader IS the message.  Verbally and nonverbally, the way in which you communicate – humbly, passionately, confidently – has more impact than the words you choose.  Public Communication is a critical success factor for Flourishing Leadership.

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