Certified Flourishing Parenting Coach™ – Online – Mountain Time – July 7-8, 2022


Last Day for Early Bird pricing is June 9, 2022

✓ 2-Day Program Intensive

✓ Live Instruction with Connie Jakab, please email connie@certifiedflourishingcoach.com for a detailed course outline.

✓ Online Portal with Additional Resources

✓ Bonus Training Recordings

✓ Private Facebook Community

✓ and MORE!

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With a Certified Flourishing Parenting Coach™ designation, an existing Certified Coach can lean into one of the most lucrative submarkets within the overall coaching marketplace, that of parenting.  There is nothing more important to parents than their children, and the global parenting market globally is literally trillions of dollars.  And yet, parenting is not generally actively coached, mentored or taught.  By becoming a Certified Flourishing Parenting Coach™, you will have the tools and skills to effectively coach diverse parents in all areas, and accelerate your own capacity to monetize your coaching business.

The Certified Flourishing Parenting Coach™ program explores parenting using The 13 Critical Success Factors For Flourishing Parents™, and introduces the Flourishing Life Questionnaire (FLQ).

These tools provide a measure of current parenting effectiveness against the 13 Critical Success Factors For Flourishing Parents™ using a strengths-based approach.  This offers guidance to the parenting coaching client and the Certified Flourishing Parenting Coach™ around the next steps and strategies for developing and growing as a Flourishing Parent.

In Certified Flourishing Coaching™, all of our certification programs are evidence-based, grounded in science, and drawn from coaching best practices.  Based on the psychology of flourishing and the most effective coaching techniques honed over decades of coaching and counselling tens of thousands of clients, along with training and certifying thousands of coaches all over the world, Certified Flourishing Coaching™ is the first global coaching model that is truly evidence-based.

As Coaching has evolved, clients are looking for an approach that is evidence-based.  Coaching is evolving towards Flourishing because there is a scientific and evidence-basis for Flourishing, and because the concepts of Flourishing can be easily applied in a Parenting Coaching context.

13 Critical Success Factors For Flourishing Parents

  1. Courage – Growing in my security and completeness as a person.
    • Flourishing Parents Respond With Courage.
  2. Calling – Captured by a sense of calling and mission as a parent.
    • Flourishing Parents Exhibit A Sense Of Sacred Calling.
  3. Compassion – Growing in my compassion and empathy.
    • Flourishing Parents Behave With Compassion and Empathy.
  4. Connection – Focused on connection, attunement, and communication.
    • Flourishing Parents Build Connection, Attunement, & Communication.
  5. Cycles – Starting healthy cycles and breaking unhealthy ones.
    • Flourishing Parents Start Healthy Cycles and Break Unhealthy Ones.
  6. Clarity – Setting clear expectations and boundaries.
    • Flourishing Parents Have Clarity Around Expectations and Boundaries.
  7. Consistency – Operating with consistency and reliability.
    • Flourishing Parents Are Consistent and Reliable.
  8. Calibration – Calibrating my approach to my child’s unique needs.
    • Flourishing Parents Calibrate With Flexibility, Agility, and Adaptability.
  9. Calm – Exhibiting skills of calm and emotional regulation.
    • Flourishing Parents Are Calm and Emotionally Regulated.
  10. Community – Creating a healthy community of support for my child.
    • Flourishing Parents Create With Healthy Communities.
  11. Creativity – Thriving with expressions of play, fun and creativity.
    • Flourishing Parents Are Creative, Playful, and Fun.
  12. Cultivate – Cultivating flourishing, resilience, and mental wellbeing.
    • Flourishing Parents Cultivate Mental Health In Self and Family.
  13. Champion – Supporting what matters most to my child while letting them own their journey.
    • Flourishing Parents Champion and Celebrate Without Owning and Overwhelming.

Included in your Certified Flourishing Parenting Coach Registration:

  • The Certified Flourishing Parenting Coach™ Training Program,
  • The Science of Flourishing and Application In A Parenting Context,
  • 10 Core Competencies For Flourishing,
  • The 13 Critical Success Factors For Flourishing Parents,
  • Experiential learning as a Coach and a Client,
  • Permission to use the Certified Flourishing Parenting Coach™ material with your clients,
  • Certification as a “Certified Flourishing Parenting Coach™”
  • An Evidence-Based and Practitioner-Focused Model,
  • Live Instruction With A Live Facilitator,
  • An Online Portal With Additional Resources,
  • 2 Full Days of Facilitator-Led, Program Intensive Training,
  • 2-Day Live Program Intensive,
  • 4 Online Pre-work Preparation Modules,
  • 4 Online Post-Course Support Modules,
  • Access to the FLQ (Flourishing Life Questionnaire) Prior To The Course,
  • Training To Interpret The FLQ, and Authorization To Purchase and Use The FLQ With Your Clients,
  • 28 Hours of Continuing Education Credit,
  • Outlines For 10 Sessions As A Certified Flourishing Parenting Coach™,
  • A One-on-One Follow Up Session With Your Facilitator,
  • Access To Our Monthly Certified Flourishing Coach™ Support Webinar,
  • Bonus Training Recordings,
  • Private Certified Flourishing Coach™ Facebook Community,
  • A Thriving Community of Support and Empowerment,
  • Full session outlines, tools, and worksheets for at least 10 sessions with your clients who are leaders, executives, or entrepreneurs,
  • Certified Flourishing Parenting Coach™ Participant Manual,
  • Tools, resources, and ongoing support,
  • Strategies for marketing your services as a Certified Flourishing Parenting Coach™ to in BOTH the for-profit and not-for-profit space,
  • And More!
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