Flourishing In Business Conference – Calgary – Live In-Person & Livestream Online August 27-28, 2022


✓ Live In-Person and Livestream Online

✓YYC Entrepreneur Connect, Unit 200, 720 – 28 Street NE, Calgary, AB T2A 6R3

✓ 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM

✓ 2-Day Program Intensive

✓ Live Instruction with Abe Brown, MBA , Connie Jakab, Roy Mitton, Rosalyn Fung and Cynthia Chau-Hoang

✓ Online Portal with Additional Resources

✓ Bonus: Training Recordings

✓ Bonus: Flourishing Business AUDIT CHECKLIST

✓ The 4-Step System For Thriving In Business broken down:

    • Attracting Clients
    • Nurturing Clients,
    • Converting Clients, and
    • Supporting Clients.


If coaching was just about skill as a coach, then 100% of coaches would be crushing it. But over 80% of coaches will never make it because coaching is about much more than skill as a coach. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the consultancy sector is not far behind, with a failure rate of 80% within two years. The 2017 International Coach Federation Global Survey revealed that 82% of coaches will fail within the first 2 years of business – often due to the lack of a system. Over 80% of coaches don’t make it, not because they aren’t great coaches, but because they don’t know how to get clients. And they lack a reliable system for scaling and expanding their coaching practice as they build their business. Most coaches are wasting tons of time on a bunch of outdated strategies that just don’t work. Here’s the bottom line: it doesn’t have to be this hard. “I’ve spent the past 15 years training and certifying thousands of coaches in over 20 countries and 4 continents. And in those 15 years, I have developed a set of practices and habits, both consciously and subconsciously, that have allowed me to earn millions of dollars in coaching revenue, have tens of thousands of hours with clients, and make well over 6-figures each year for the past 15 years. Now it is time to help coaches drop the overwhelm, learn a system, and scale their businesses.” – Abe Brown, CEO and Founder of Certified Flourishing Coaching. No complex funnels. No overwhelming tech. No hard sales pitches.   Just a simple 4-step system for thriving in business that works every day, like clockwork. Join us for the Flourishing In Business Conference and in just 2 days, we will show you the exact game we used to scale our businesses so you too can start making the impact you were born to make. You need a simple system to attract, connect, convert, and retain clients. In the end, you know it as well as anyone: your incredible skill as a coach may be wasted unless you have a system to attract clients, nurture clients, convert clients, and support clients. The Flourishing In Business Conference shares that system.

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Livestream Online, In-Person Without Lunch Order, In-Person With Lunch Order For Both Days

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