Flourishing In Business Conference – Calgary – Live In-Person & Livestream Online – October 14-15, 2023


✓ Live In-Person and Livestream Online

✓ YYC Entrepreneur Connect, Unit 208, 720 – 28 Street NE, Calgary, AB T2A 6R3

✓ 12:00 PM – 5:00 PM Both Days

✓ Live Instruction with Abe Brown, MBA , Cynthia Chau-Hoang, Connie Jakab & Roy Mitton.

In these 2 days we are going to teach you:

  • The Art of Facilitation,
  • Adult Education 101 and Experiential Learning,
  • Facilitation skills in our unique experiential learning model of teaching.
  • Course design and construction process,
  • Discovering your unique voice and story in facilitating,
  • The NEW and UPDATED Flourishing Business Model,
  • Accessing the Flourishing Digital Library and Using Flourishing Intellectual Property (IP),
  • How your individual voice can be found in facilitating Flourishing programs and courses,
  • Listening to the gentle whispers within to uncover which Flourishing programs and courses would suit you and your audience best to facilitate,
  • Connecting your stories and unique perspectives to the framework of the Flourishing programs and courses,
  • Uncovering your unique audience for the Flourishing programs and courses, and how to reach them,
  • Marketing and social media strategies, and building your sales funnel,
  • Creating lead magnets and an email list,
  • Adopting a revenue model that empowers you to make the income where you thrive,
  • How to lead your class to “what’s next” in Flourishing with you as their coach.



These past few years, we have taken steps to not only launch Flourishing, but see it grow to what it is today: a truly Global Movement.

Much of how we have seen the company grow is through our certifications and courses.

In the beginning, it was mostly Abe Brown and Connie Jakab who did our facilitation.

But this past year was exciting as we saw Roy and Tiffany Mitton take on some facilitation, along with others.

NOW we are ready to take the NEXT STEP, and that includes you! We have a beautiful tribe of amazing people in Flourishing with the capacity to facilitate or co-facilitate, and with some polish and support, are ready to be unleashed.

At Flourishing, we believe that EVERYONE has the ability to FLOURISH as facilitators and in the art of facilitation. Truly, facilitation IS an art!

And in our Flourishing Movement, we have a TON of courses you could step up and facilitate, with some extra development, such as:

The Entrepreneur Blueprint

Letting Go and Moving Forward

Breaking Free of Fear

Elevate EST Stage 1

Elevate EST Stage 2

The Online Course Creation Formula

The Author Acceleration Formula

Workplace Resiliency

Your Money Story

The Influencer Formula

The Leadership Mastery Course

Flourishing Workplace

The High-Performance Leadership Program

Shifting Your Story

Breaking Free of Fear

Letting Go and Moving Forward

Many More and,

12 Coaching Certifications!

So, this year, for our Flourishing In Business Conference, our focus will be equipping and building your capacity to FLOURISH AS A FACILITATOR!


Your Facilitators

Abe Brown, MBA, M.R.Ed/C

Abe Brown, MBA, CMCT, CPHSA is the Coach’s Coach, and is an Entrepreneur, Professional Speaker, International Best-Selling Author, and High-Performance Leadership Coach. He is the founder of Certified Flourishing Coaching™, the Flourishing Life Coaching Program™, and Flourishing Workplace. Abe is also the author of the Certified Flourishing Coaching™ Programs.

Abe is known as the Coach’s Coach, and for being people-first. He is most passionate about supporting people, relationships, entrepreneurs, businesses, and non-profits to thrive. Flourishing people produce flourishing relationships, businesses, and workplaces, along with high performance and profound positive impact. Abe is also passionate about workplace mental health and changing the world by changing the workplace. Along with the team at Wellness Innovate, Abe is the creator of Flourishing Workplaces™.

Abe has started or led several businesses and non-profits into the tens of millions of dollars, and has worked in the entrepreneur space, the corporate space, and the non-profit space at Senior Executive levels. As past President of one of the largest Life & Executive Coach Training and Certification organizations in the world for 13 years, Abe trained and certified over 8,000 Life Coaches and Executive Coaches in North America and around the world. Abe is focused on coaching leaders, executives, and entrepreneurs towards high-performance, resilience, and over-the-top results in both life and business. Abe has also been a professional speaker for over two decades, has spoken professionally in 4 continents and over 20 countries around the world, and has spoke to audiences of tens of thousands. Abe was also a Registered Therapist for almost 10 years.

Abe and the global team are pioneering the very first evidence-based coaching model that taps into the psychology of flourishing with a certified coaching practitioner lens.

Abe earned a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) from the University of Calgary Haskayne School of Business and a Master’s in Religious Education and Counselling.

Having facilitated workshops, masterminds, training circles, healing circles, community roundtables, provincial collaboratives, conflict resolution and mediation, experiential learning and group coaching in over twenty countries and four continents with tens of thousands of people, and with over twenty-five First Nations from the Sunshine Coast on the Pacific to the craggy shores of Cape Breton on the Atlantic, diversity, diverse learners and diverse learning environments are the ocean in which Abe swims. Abe will lead you to create the type of psychological safety that allows people to thrive as they move out of what is most comfortable and into the best version of themselves.

Connie Jakab, Director of Community Engagement

Connie Jakab has been working in resilience and flourishing for over 20 years. Starting with youth at risk and gangs in East Vancouver, Connie has been researching how community creates resilience and mental wellness her entire career through a sociological lens. She has owned and started three companies, along with a non-profit from scratch, growing her businesses to empower others to grow and expand their personal potential. Her passion to see others reach their potential has allowed her to oversee regional and national high-performance teams. She has been working to ignite Brave Communities and Collaborations in teams for over 20 years.

She is the author of three books, the third one selling out within the first six months.  Connie has spoken on stages all over North America, impacting audiences with her passion and compassion.  Her engaging storytelling won Connie the opportunity to meet and share the stage with Tony Robbins.  Connie was recently given the award “Woman of Inspiration Top 150 in Canada” for her passion to see others flourish.

Cynthia Chau-Hoang, Director of Sales

As the Director of Sales & Client Support for Certified Flourishing Coaching™, Cynthia is our support system when it comes to project management administration in the FCP Community and connecting people to resources which promote growth. She also has over two decades of experience working with people and supporting in creating the most ideal results when it comes to complex situations, high performance, and conflict resolution.

When working with individuals and teams, Cynthia has the gift of understanding and meeting people where they are at while moving through obstacles to obtain the main goals and objectives. By creating a safe environment, teams and businesses have been able to grow and expand and reach potentials never imagined before under her guidance and support.

Cynthia is also excited to facilitate the Certified Flourishing Coaching™ Model.

Roy Mitton, Canadian Director

Co-Founder and Ministry Director of Your Thriving Family and Masquerade Ministries.

For over a decade, Roy has been on the frontline helping families and individuals get from where they are to where they want to be. Roy is known for his passion and unwavering support, and is a Certified Flourishing Life Coach, authority in Domestic Abuse Intervention (DAIP Certified), and a Licensed Minister.

Along with his wife, Tiffany, Roy founded Masquerade Ministries and Your Thriving Family in 2009, which are organizations committed to creating thriving families, couples and individuals through healthy relationships.

Roy runs multiple group coaching experiences: Beyond Belief, Peacemakers, Free to Be Me, and Overcomers. These are transformational communities that are focused on going beyond limiting beliefs, developing the skills and mindsets that create limitless possibilities to flourish.

Roy has a unique approach that positively impacts those he helps. His skills, coupled with overcoming such life struggles as family abuse and life experience transformation, make Roy an invaluable asset to be on your team.

Roy is excited about being a Facilitator for the Certified Flourishing Coaching™ Program because he can see that as people, leaders, relationships, families and businesses flourish, this transformation can catalyze a global shift in how we interact, relate, and overcome. Roy facilitates the Certified Flourishing Coaching™ Program in Central Alberta.

Roy currently calls Red Deer, Alberta, his home and lives with Tiffany and their two children.

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In-Person, Livestream Online

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