Certified Flourishing Leadership Coach™ – In-Person and Livestream Online – Calgary – October 21-22, 2023


Last Day for Early Bird pricing is September 30, 2023

Flourishing Life Coach Certification is the pre-requisite for this training. A bundle can be purchased by clicking HERE.

✓ 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM Mountain Time Both Days

✓ Live In-Person & Livestream Online – YYC Entrepreneur Connect – 260, 720 28 ST NE, Calgary, AB T2A 6R3 (South Entrance)

✓ 2-Day Program Intensive

✓ Live Instruction with Abe Brown. Please email cynthia@certifiedflourishingcoach.com for a detailed course outline.

✓ Online Portal with Additional Resources

✓ Bonus Training Recordings

✓ Private Facebook Community

✓ and MORE!


Take your leadership skills and knowledge to the next level, with our Certified Flourishing Leadership Coach™ Certification, so you can confidently lead your clients, organization or team as the leader you were born to be. You will receive evidence-based tools and a skillset that will grow your capacity as a leader while amplifying your ability to positively influence others. You will discover the ten Critical Success Factors for Flourishing Leadership, the four essentials for emotional intelligence for leadership, and seven secrets of high performance leadership. You will leave equipped with evidence-based assessments and tools to support your clients in their best leadership:

    • A fresh perspective on leadership and it’s critical importance in the world,
    • The 10 Key Success Factors For Flourishing Leadership,
    • The mindset, tools and skillset to authentically lead from the heart, and support others to do the same,
    • Training to allow you and your clients to lead confidently with integrity, passion, and purpose,
    • Evidence-based tools, assessments, and templates to support your clients in achieving their leadership goals,
    • Learn to lead in a way that aligns with your personality and skills, and to help others to do the same,
    • Experience the Flourishing Self-Assessment Tool-Leadership (FSAT-L), Leadership Compass, Leadership Growth Plan (LGP), Leadership Action Plan (LAP), Leadership Mindset Assessment (LMA), and Leadership Accountability Scorecard (LAS).


With a Certified Flourishing Leadership Coach™ designation, an existing Certified Coach can lean into coaching one of the most lucrative submarkets within the overall coaching marketplace, that of leaders and executives.  By becoming a Certified Flourishing Leadership Coach™, you will have the tools and skills to effectively coach diverse leaders and executives in all areas, and accelerate your own capacity to monetize your coaching business.

The Certified Flourishing Leadership Coach™ program defines and explores leadership using The 10 Critical Success Factors For Flourishing Leadership™, and introduces the Flourishing Life Questionnaire-Leadership (FLQ-L), the Flourishing Self Assessment Tool-Leadership (FSAT-L) along with the Leadership Compass, Leadership Growth Plan (LGP), Leadership Action Plan (LAP), Leadership Mindset Assessment (LMA), and Leadership Accountability Scorecard (FAS).

These tools provide a measure of current leadership effectiveness against the 10 Critical Success Factors For Flourishing Leadership™ using a strengths-based approach. This offers guidance to the leadership coaching client and the Certified Flourishing Leadership Coach™ around the next steps and strategies for developing as a leader or executive in business, entrepreneurship, or the non-profit world.

In Certified Flourishing Coaching™, all of our certification programs are evidence-based, grounded in science, and draw from coaching best practices.  Based on the psychology of flourishing and the most effective coaching techniques honed over decades of coaching and counselling tens of thousands of clients, along with training and certifying thousands of coaches all over the world, Certified Flourishing Coaching™ is the first global coaching model that is truly evidence-based.

As Coaching has evolved, clients are looking for an approach that is more evidence-based and professional.  Coaching is evolving towards Flourishing, because there is a scientific and evidence-basis for Flourishing, and because the concepts of Flourishing can be easily applied in a Leadership Coaching context.

Flourishing Leadership Is Made Up of 10 Critical Success Factors:

  1. The Personal Factor – Beyond IQ and EQ to SQ and CQ 
  2. The Power Factor – Core Orientation of Service
  3. The Proper Fit Factor – Personal and Cultural Congruence 
  4. The Purpose Factor – Clarity and Focus 
  5. The Passion Factor – Alignment with Appetite 
  6. The People Factor – Emotional Intelligence 
  7. The Partnering Factor – Social Intelligence 
  8. The Progressive Factor – Creativity and Innovation 
  9. The Production Factor – Strategy and Execution 
  10. The Public Communication Factor – Public Relations and Messaging 
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