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Ana-Maria is committed to spreading the Flourishing Coaching Model® throughout Latin-America and Spanish speakers in North America.

Calgary/Latin America


Bassem is passionate about Flourishing in life, leadership, and business, and using the tools of Certified Flourishing Coaching™ to impact both individuals and organizations, enabling them to thrive.  Bassem will facilitate the Certified Flourishing Coaching™ Program in Egypt and Northern Africa.



Coco is known as a people’s person. As a mother, she has a natural instinct in supporting others on their journey wherever they may be in life from a non-judgmental space. She’s passionate about helping clients shift through relationship and familial trauma to heal and create a wholesome life they can thrive and flourish in. Whoever has her in their corner has a personal cheerleader for life.

Hong Kong


As the Director of Client of Experience for Certified Flourishing Coaching™, Cynthia is our support system when it comes to project management and administration in the FLCP Community.   She also has over two decades of experience working with people and supporting in creating the most ideal results when it comes to complex situations, high performance, and conflict resolution.

Calgary, Canada


Diane has a passion for working with people and helping them to become the best that they can be. Through her life experiences, her own experience of trauma, and her training, Diane has developed the skills to draw people out of their shell and help them overcome what holds them back. She is deeply empathetic and yet challenges her clients to move from languishing to thriving and flourishing.

Calgary, Canada


Gabrielle Manski supports and guides midlife clients through self-empowerment and transformation in order to ELEVATE both their professional and personal lives. She is passionate about inspiring individuals who feel stuck to tap into their inner strengths and find greatness, purpose and a zest for life. The Manski Protocol, an evidence-based and outcome-based approach, is multi-disciplinary, offering unique plans towards the successful achievement of a client’s ultimate goal.

Calgary, Canada


Gil is an Industrial Engineering graduate from Technological Institute of the Philippines in Manila but found his passion and purpose of helping others through life coaching. He has been in the field of transformational and experiential training programs, coaching people to discover their identity and potential for over 18 years.



Joy Tajanlangit is the founder of Coached By Joy and she is a Certified Life, Executive and Leadership Coach. On a mission to help individuals discover their highest potential, she is focused on helping them realize their self-worth and take them to next level of success in life, career or business.

Calgary, Canada


Coach Kamrul Hasan is the Bangladeshi’s #1 Success Mindset Coach, Success Mentor, Behavioral & Organizational Development Consultant.  He is the Founder & CEO of CKH Network, Alpha Next Digital, NEST Incubation Center, PEN Master Mind Community, Alpha Arts & Photography, CEO of Jump Movement Asia and Managing Director of Sensei-Wisdom.



Kendal is originally from the UK, but has lived most of her adult life overseas. She has been living and thriving in Bali since early 2020, following 25 years in Hong Kong where she was the co-owner of a respected Financial Services Executive Search firm with offices in Hong Kong, London and Lagos. During a highly successful and long career as an executive recruiter she provided career coaching to many, and in addition became a Certified Executive and Life Coach in 2016 to enhance her ability to help people both in their business and personal life.



Kim Westlund is a Certified Flourishing Life Coach, Entrepreneur, Speaker and Moderator and is the Founder of Channel One Productions and The Business B-Side Podcast. Kim’s diverse career and leadership roles have spanned over 30 years in corporate and not-for-profit companies, from numerous world-class performing arts theatres, to aligning innovative community partnerships in the banking industry. Kim gained recognition as a leader in the business community facilitating impactful discussions with successful entrepreneurs for Postmedia Network. Kim is a natural connector and is passionate about people and helping them thrive in life and business.

Calgary, Canada


Maria Maksymytz is an Entrepreneur, Business Strategist, Facilitator, Planner, Intuitive, Speaker, and multi-certified Coach in the areas of Life, Leadership, Business, Dream/Purpose, Spiritual/Soul, Transformational Master Coach, Group Coach, specializing in Purpose, Empowerment and Mindset. Maria is also a Mastermind and Workshop Facilitator.

Calgary, Canada


Stephanie Semotok is a Certified Master Coach Practitioner, Supportive Counsellor, and Empowerment Specialist.  She is also the founder of Phenomenally You Life Coaching.  She has over 16 years of professional experience working in the social services field, as a Rehabilitation Counsellor, Program Coordinator, and Life Coach.  Stephanie brings a wealth of valuable experience in parental support, domestic violence, addictions, mental health, disability advocacy, educational planning, and workplace accommodations & accessibility.  Her strengths-based approach focuses on personal empowerment, proactive communication, and positive work-life balance.

Manitoba, Canada

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