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Flourishing COACHING™ Model

A whole embodiment approach to healing

A radically

different approach to coaching

Our world right now is focused extensively on our mindset, but what about our heart space? The heart space is important because it is the very essence of who we are.

Welcome to the Trauma-Informed Flourishing Coaching™ Model – TIFCOM. A whole embodiment approach to healing.

Here we explore the world you and your clients live in; the fear and anger, the feelings of being misunderstood, powerless, hopeless, or rock bottom. We have all been there and know too well the overwhelming feelings of being lost, confused, stuck and feeling like something is wrong with us.

Are your clients tired of feeling helpless, dead inside, purposeless?

Are you ready to give them a sense of peace and freedom, to resuscitate hope?

Every person has four centres that will be reviewed in this program:

Your Body which carries your story

Your Brain which knows your story

Your Heart which feels your story

Your (Human) Being which creates life from your story


we do not operate our life in balance and lean heavily on one centre

We may overuse our body or rely on intellect alone. The same holds true with making decisions or responding from our feelings. Here we will teach the use of each centre in a way that creates growth, harmony, and wholeness.

In this

Trauma-Informed Flourishing Coaching™ Model

You will learn how to be an empathetic, caring coach that learns how to identify the places of your client’s pain through the heart space and reconnect all of the centres to each other, allowing your clients to thrive. You will experience the transformation that’s possible when we bear witness to each other’s healing process, holding a sacred space.

The Trauma-Informed Flourishing Coaching Model™ (TIFCOM) journey provides you with an opportunity to discover what holds clients back from moving forward, and how to release the things that no longer serve them in a healthy way. By creating a safe environment and community, we walk alongside you through this process so that you can facilitate healing from trauma for your clients in a holistic and meaningful way using the Evidence-Based Model of Flourishing.

Investment Cost

Format & Scheduling

Level 1
– 10 Teaching Weeks 
Content-oriented with some experiential learning
Tuesdays, 6pm-8pm MST
Sep 19 – Nov 28, 2023
(No class Oct.31)

Level 2 – 10 Teaching Weeks
Content-oriented with some experiential learning
Tuesdays, 6pm-8pm MST
Feb 6 – Apr 9, 2024

PLUS: 8 Group Coaching Sessions
Experiential learning
Monthly, the second Sunday of every month, 5pm – 7pm MST
Oct 16, 2023 – Jun 16, 2024
(No group session in December)

PLUS: 3 One-on-One Sessions
Three individual sessions with Sandra
Session 1: Early Trauma Focus
Session 2: Most Recent Trauma Focus
Session 3: Most Severe Trauma Focus


Sandra Maiorana

My story begins with being born to a 17-year-old child who was sent away from her home on announcement of my conception with my 23-year-old father. Surviving her attempt of aborting me, my mother’s coping mechanism became addiction, never recovering from the abandonment (and addictions) of both her father and mine.

I was ‘unwanted’ from conception and have spent all of my adult life recovering from that very initial trauma.

I am not a victim of that beginning, but the realities of that tough start leave me well versed in poverty, neglect, abuse (mental, physical, spiritual, and sexual) and the generational inheritance of her trauma.

My deep aspiration in this lifetime founded by my very personal healing journey lead me to my counseling and coaching education and allows me the privilege to advocate, educate and inspire changes in the way people parent today.

As the once child and now parent of 3 adult children, I have decades of wisdom from the good, bad and ugly times that I want to share with you.

I come to walk with you, beside you, having trial-and errored many, many ways of ‘being’.

I have no judgements towards the vast mistakes I have made along my way, I was simply surviving .

My ‘apparent’ failures on my journey including: leaving home at 17 (ironically the same age as my mother) to, most recently, a divorce from a 30-year marriage. These are simply the live, real-time human experiences that were my teachers, and the lessons learned were immense.

Having endured relentlessly, I am passionate about paying forward the insights I have gained to ensure something different for you and your relationships and families.

I am honest and vulnerable, I am tough but loving. I bring passion to my real-life lessons and hopefully inspire a new way of being in your life.

What a pleasure to meet you smile

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