Bassem Henri

It all started in early 2001 when Bassem Henri, CEO & Founder of 360 Experiential Solutions had a dream of making difference in Egypt.  His vision was to work in a career that would give him the chance to influence the lives and behaviors of many individuals.  As he graduated from Mechanical Engineering Faculty at The American University in Cairo, he was determined to shift his career to pursue his passion to work in field that deals directly with people.

Bassem decided to start in the training field where he could influence many lives and help people grow and progress.  He grew in several different positions such as Regional Talent Manager for North Africa and Country HR Director for large multinational companies.

Finally, in October 2010, Bassem & a group of entrepreneurs decided to open 360 Training Solutions to serve the needs of many individuals, Schools, Universities, corporates & the community.

Though the tough challenges the country faced from 2011 until now, 360 Training Solutions has continued to grow to deliver training to big fortune 50 companies all over Egypt & the MEA region, and it currently stands to be one of the leading companies in training, team building & HR consulting in the region.

Bassem has delivered many training & public speaking sessions in different companies and in different countries such as Hilton Worldwide, Microsoft, Toyota, Corinthia Hotels, Libya Harvest International, Double Tree Hotels, Jordan CMA-CGM, and many others in Egypt.

Bassem is passionate about Flourishing in life, leadership, and business, and using the tools of Certified Flourishing Coaching™ to impact both individuals and organizations, enabling them to thrive.  Bassem will facilitate the Certified Flourishing Coaching™ Program in Egypt and Northern Africa.

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