Ana-Maria considers herself a global citizen with one mission: to empower, inspire and help others flourish.  Originally from Quito-Ecuador, she is a humanitarian, servant leader, mother, daughter, wife, and entrepreneur. Ana-Maria has built a prosperous career in business for over 25 years across multiple industries within three different countries.

Some academics under her belt have supported her professional journey: a BCom; a Master’s in strategic Direction & Innovation, and a Diploma in Telecomm Law and Management, are among other international certifications.

As a certified Leadership and Empowerment Coach, as well as a member of Certified Flourishing Coaching™ and the Global Coaching Certification Association™, Ana-Maria is committed to spreading the Flourishing Coaching Model® throughout Latin-America and Spanish speakers in North America.

Eagle Business Coaching™ and Meraki Coaching™, her companies since 2016, is where she thrives as a Leadership and Empowerment Coach, supporting the growth of entrepreneurs and immigrants in the Americas.


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