Donna Oberg

Donna Oberg is a Best-Selling Author, A Certified Flourishing Coach, a Nutrition Coach, and former Finance Leader in a large multinational company.  She is the Founder of Moving Mountains Consulting Ltd. in Calgary, Alberta.  

Whether working with individuals or teams, Donna is known for creating safe environments where people can share their vulnerability, make mistakes, learn from them, and grow.  Feeling safe and in a trusting environment is key to finding each person’s true gifts and leveraging those strengths in both their personal and professional lives. Donna loves to partner with people as they begin to realize their dreams and goals. 

Donna also believes in the power of laughter and maintaining humour especially during the hard times.  It is a great way to raise people’s and teams’ energy and motivation. 

In her Corporate Career, Donna was tapped by Executive Leaders to become both a Resilience and Diversity and Inclusion Champion.  Donna assumed these roles with pride and authenticity using many of her personal experiences as a person with cerebral palsy to inspire others in their own resilience journeys. 

Donna earned a B.A. (Specializing in Economics) and BCom in Accounting. 

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