Lenie Zuniga

Lenie started her career as a sales trainer for many years. She then transitioned to human resources where she was exposed to executive recruitment, placement, labor management, and employee development. Her stint with a Japanese multi-national company strengthened her employee relations skills and aptitude for organizational development. As a training consultant, she has led organizations to increase team cohesiveness.  

Lenie has 25 years of experience with diverse groups as a human resource professional, trainer, and coach. In Canada, she has extensive exposure in the non-profit industry and community social service where she has worked with immigrants. She specializes in career coaching and facilitating professional development programs. An immigrant herself, Lenie has learned that right mindset and commitment to change coupled with a new perspective leads to better habits and success.  

Lenie’s struggles and life challenges as professional has driven her to inspire immigrants to strive harder to flourish in Canada. 

Lenie is a certified career development professional and an active member of Career Development Association of Alberta. She is a Certified Flourishing Life Coach. In addition to that, Lenie also has a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, Diploma in Human Resources, and completed Career Advising at the University of Calgary.