Sandra Maiorana

Sandra Maiorana is a certified Flourishing Life Coach, Parenting Coach and therapist trained in PRH. Sandra is passionate about her work and offers a wealth of experience in the areas of trauma healing, addiction, mental health, sexual abuse, violence, youth, and parenting. She also serves young offenders through the Edmonton Police Service’s Diversion Program.  

Sandra established her practice in 2012 after her own healing journey led her to recognizing her potential to help others through the tools she learned for herself. Her honesty and humility when sharing her own life stories, struggles and successes makes her clients feel that she is “journeying with you.” By combining these nurturing and caring ways with her training in PRH, Flourishing’s strength based approach, Suicide Intervention and Indigenous Awareness training, Sandra offers an extraordinary experience in transformative healing that leads her clients to dreaming, thriving and reaching their ultimate potential.                                   

Sandra works from her comforting home office where she and her friendly pets greet each client with a warm beverage and a safe place to be Heard, Seen and Accepted. She is a proud mother to her three adult children but has left such a lasting impact on so many of her clients that she is often referred to by them as the Mom they always needed as well.