Tiffany Mitton

Co-Founder and Executive Director of Your Thriving Family and Masquerade Ministries.

For over a decade, Tiffany has been on the frontline, empowering women and families.  She has become known for her never surrender commitment to assisting others to have the opportunity to thrive in the face of incredible odds.  Tiffany has become a trusted fixture in supporting women in Alberta to thrive.  She is a Certified Flourishing Life Coach, authority in Domestic Abuse Intervention and education, and a Licensed Minister.

Along with her husband, Roy Mitton, Tiffany, she is the heart of Masquerade Ministries.  Tiffany’s desire for others to flourish through her support and guidance and community and validation.  Masquerade Ministries and Your Thriving Family were founded in 2009.  These organizations are committed to creating thriving families, couples and individuals through healthy relationships. 

Tiffany facilitates the group coaching experiences: Free to Be Me, and Overcomers.  These are transformational communities that are focused on going beyond limiting beliefs, developing the skills and mindsets that create limitless possibilities to flourish. 

Tiffany has a unique approach that positively impacts those she helps.  Her skills, coupled with overcoming such life struggles as parental abandonment and intimate partner violence, make Tiffany invaluable. 

Tiffany’s life passion has been to defy the odds and flourish in some of the most seemingly hopeless of life situations.  Tiffany is eager to share his love and hope so you also can have a flourishing life of growth and transformation.  Tiffany is relied on for providing a solid platform to make sure no one ever feels alone or forgotten through challenging times.  Tiffany’s passion and insight are crucial components to the support brought to others to see them flourish.

Tiffany is excited about being a Facilitator for the Certified Flourishing Coaching™ Program because for Tiffany, flourishing is more than a tagline; it is the very fabric of how she lives her life.  Tiffany will facilitate the Certified Flourishing Coaching™ Program in Central Alberta.

Tiffany currently calls Red Deer, Alberta, his home and lives with Roy and their two children.

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