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Confidently guide your clients into sustainable life change through our Certified Flourishing Model For Transformational Change

FLOURISH AS A Pastor & Christian leader


  • Discover our simple and evidence-based 6-Step Flourishing Model For Transformational Change that provides an effective framework to guide clients through the change process, helping them to shift their story and step into a thriving mindset leading to a flourishing life.

Certified Flourishing Pastoral Coach™

is focused on strengths, resilience, and empowerment, rather than old models focused on problems and dysfunction. Our approach reflects the evolution of coaching in building on the resiliency and strengths of a person, from the inside out.

Our training will help you become confident to guide your clients into sustainable shifts through our Certified Flourishing Model For Transformational Change, which is an evidence-based coaching model around the science of resiliency and flourishing.

As a Certified Flourishing Pastoral Coach™, you will have the tools, including science-based assessments and coaching success templates unique to Flourishing foundations, to confidently hold space, support, and celebrate your client’s progress!



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Our live trainings are available in-person and online globally, empowering you to connect, participate and flourish from anywhere in the world. You can also access on-demand recorded modules taught by our founder, Abe Brown.

Author and Course Creator:

Abe Brown, MBA, CMCT, CPHSA is the Coach’s Coach, and is an Entrepreneur, Professional Speaker, International Best-Selling Author, and High-Performance Leadership Coach. He is the founder of Certified Flourishing Coaching™, the Flourishing Life Coaching Program™, Flourishing Workplace™, and Hope Church YYC.

Abe is the Coach’s Coach, and is people-first. He is most passionate about supporting people, relationships, entrepreneurs, businesses, and non-profits to thrive in Christ. Abe is also passionate about workplace mental health and changing the world by changing the workplace.

Abe began his career for the first 13 years as a full-time pastor, continues as an Ordained Minister, and recently planted another church in Calgary, Alberta, called Hope Church YYC, while leading the global movement of Certified Flourishing Coaching. Hope Church YYC is the third church Pastor Abe has led, and he was also the Academic Dean of a Bible College for over 8 years.

Pastor Abe earned a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) from the University of Calgary Haskayne School of Business, and a Master’s in Religious Education and Counselling, along with a Bachelor of Theology.

what you can expect

→ Become a Certified Flourishing Pastoral Life Coach™ in our two-day training program with a Live Certified Flourishing Training Facilitator, available in-person and online globally, empowering you to connect, participate and flourish from anywhere in the world. You can also access on-demand recorded modules with our founder, Abe Brown.

→ Launch a rewarding and fulfilling career or side hustle working with people in their quest for clarity, purpose and meaning; improving communication and relationships, and achieving goals; and witness the impact of making a difference in the lives of people around the world. We believe that people matter and their dreams.

→ Learn the science of human flourishing fused together with a transformative model for coaching built for the issues people face today.

→ Discover how to provide the most essential thing that everyone desires: being seen, heard, and valued.

→ Training can be taken as a stand-alone to become a certified coach or as a transformative personal development program. This training is highly recommended for anyone seeking practical systems, strategies, and processes to manage relationships with others or interested in using effective coaching and leadership skills in their current profession.

→ Discover our simple 6-Step Flourishing Model For Transformational Change that provides an effective framework to guide clients through the change process, shifting their story, and stepping into a thriving mindset and flourishing life.

→ Empower others to stretch outside their comfort zone with courage and ease, and to unlock their highest potential and the highest version of who they can be.

→ Support clients to step into what they can create at every level in life, and to inspire transformative action to move people from where they are to where they want to be. Support clients to step into what they can create at every level in life, and to inspire transformative action to move people from where they are to where they want to be.

→ Empower clients to create significant impact, sustainable results, and income.

→ Discover the keys to asking powerful questions and listening while supporting your client to grow the capacity and creativity they need to launch into their next level.

→ Engage and connect with clients in ways that create safety, trust, and deeper connection.

 → Discover how to catalyze self-discovery, identify, and elevate the best in others, focus on strengths and what’s right with people, transcend limitations, create clarity, and align with purpose and vision.

→ Discover our unique Flourishing Life Questionnaire (FLQ), which provides a tangible, scientifically validated report, based on nearly 30 years of research, application, and experience with over 200,000 people in over 13 countries, that highlights your unique personal, environmental and performance strengths that are critical for your ability to flourish and experience positive well-being.

→ Experience the transformation for yourself in the experiential components, designed to create expansive personal and professional development, and opportunities to apply as well as receive feedback on your newly acquired skills and to equip you to coach anyone with confidence.

→ Receive a comprehensive training manual and access to an online portal with a virtual “Certified Flourishing Pastoral Life Coach™ Toolbox”, creating a solid foundation for establishing you in your coaching and leadership role, and providing effective coaching tools, strategies, processes, tips and resources, including a discovery call template, coaching agreement, coaching session outline, templates, logos… all available for download and use with your coaching clients!

→ Receive 4 Pre-Course Training Modules, and Post-Course Support Modules designed to equip you to deepen your understanding, skills, and confidence to launch your professional coaching business or add to your existing calling as a pastor, coach, or church leader.

→ Obtain access to additional educational workshops to expand, empower and deepen your mastery of coaching and assist you to navigate your client in more profound and meaningful ways to resolve challenges, reframe thinking, shift hidden internal blocks, release fear and limiting beliefs and uncover insights that lead to powerful, sustainable shifts and create impact in every area of life.

→ Each participant will receive a one-on-one follow up Coaching Session with your Certified Flourishing Training Facilitator, and access to a global community to connect with other coaches, share experiences and ask questions.

12 areas of coach certification are available – Leadership, Business, Career, Workplace, Wellness, Relationship, Parenting, Creativity, Sales, Educator. Prerequisite here would be the Certified Flourishing Pastoral Life Coach™.

No Prerequisite to participate in the Certified Flourishing Pastoral Life Coach™ Certification.


Training is available globally in English and Spanish.



An Evidence-Based and Practitioner-Focused Model,

Linking the 10 Core Competencies of Flourishing With A Faith-Based Model and Biblical Perspective,

Live Instruction With A Live Facilitator Either In-Person or Live Stream Online, Or Recorded Modules On-Demand,

An Online Portal With Additional Coaching Resources,

2 Full Days of Facilitator-Led, Program Intensive Training,

4 Online Pre-work Preparation Modules,

4 Online Post-Course Support Modules,

Access to the FLQ (Flourishing Life Questionnaire) Prior To The Course,

32 Hours of Continuing Education Credit,

Outlines For 12 Sessions As A Certified Flourishing Pastoral Life Coach™,

A One-on-One Follow Up Session With Your Facilitator,

Access To Our Monthly Certified Flourishing Coach™ Support Webinar,

Bonus Training Recordings,

Private Certified Flourishing Coach™ Facebook Community,

A Thriving Community of Support and Empowerment,


 Certification as a “Certified Flourishing Pastoral Life Coach™”, which is a compliment to the other 11 areas of coaching certification we offer:

    • Certified Flourishing Relationships Coach™,
    • Certified Flourishing Parenting Coach™,
    • Certified Flourishing Career Coach™,
    • Certified Flourishing Wellness Coach™,
    • Certified Flourishing Business Coach™,
    • Certified Flourishing Creativity Coach™,
    • Certified Flourishing Workplace Coach™,
    • Certified Flourishing Sales Coach™
    • Certified Flourishing Leadership Coach™
    • Certified Flourishing Wellness Coach™
    • Certified Flourishing Educator Coach™

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Copyright © Wellness Innovate Inc 2022. All Rights Reserved.

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