master your mind,

empower your emotions.

Step into your highest and best!

This 10-part video series will help you to live a life without limits, free of fear, and absolutely crush anxiety. With deep insight and practical tools, you will begin to notice powerful results right away in both your personal and professional life!

in this series, you will learn:


Live a fearless life! We kick things off with the discovery of how you can start living a life of purpose and value right away. If you desire confidence, courage and clarity, this program was designed for you.


6 Strategies for Breaking Fear and Attacking Anxiety” shares principles and tactics that will generate fast and proven results. Each strategy is covered in an in-depth instructional video hosted by founder Abe Brown. His enthusiastic style and storytelling is engaging and transformative.


The Fear Crusher. Learn how to eliminate habits of fear, despair and hopelessness and shift into bravery, authenticity and confidence with the 10 steps to Breaking Free of Fear!


BONUS MATERIALS. Included in this program is an in-depth fillable manual, audio and transcriptions of each lesson, plus a FREE copy of “6 Strategies for Breaking Fear and Attacking Anxiety” ebook.

this training is for you, if:



You find it difficult to stand in your truth and express your authentic self. Deep down, you feel like you don’t deserve happiness and fulfilment. 



You’re not sure where you’re headed next. You’ve lost your sense of motivation and passion that used to drive your forward.


You find yourself constantly thinking of the past and worrying about the future, and miss out on the joys of the present moment.



You know your thoughts create your reality, but you struggle to irradicate the negative thoughts that regularly swim around in your head.



You’re stuck and haven’t moved forward despite all the planning and goal-setting you’ve done. Overthinking and perfectionism reign.



You’ve tried and failed before, so trying again is scary. This time, we’ll make sure you’re properly equipped with 10 proven steps to finally break free.


If you want to challenge yourself to take your personal and professional life to the next level, do yourself a favour – read and implement the insights and wisdom [Abe Brown] shares with you. Brilliant!!”

Charles Marcus

Best-Selling Author and Professional Speaker

a note from abe…

I can confidently say  — when your thoughts change, your life changes with it.


Your thoughts are the most powerful tool in your toolbox for success, and it’s surprisingly simple to adjust and start seeing the results!

The world has never needed you more than it does today.

You’re not just trying to survive. You want a life chock full of purpose, meaning and impact, and you deserve to flourish!

If you’re willing to invest 10 hours to get up to speed on the most powerful “how” strategies for Breaking Free of Fear…even if you’ve never attempted to before, then I promise you will be leapfrogging over many of the challenges the majority of people struggle with on the path to fearless living.

My goal for you? After this program, you will never again say, “I don’t know how to live life without fear.” 


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