Often times, during a healing energy session, yoga session, and other energy modality sessions, clients have a lot of emotions that come up to be healed, and the practitioner is not always confident to know exactly how to hold space for the client, as their emotions are bubbling up to the surface. In addition, many of the models of these modalities are one off sessions, or dollars per hour business model, which means there isn’t a container to energetically hold the client in for a greater transformation.  In addition, from a business model perspective, this isn’t a sustainable model that keeps the practitioner having inconsistent flow of clients and money, OR as in the dollars per hour, the practitioner is tied to either choose to work so they can have money coming in, or working so much that their own self-care suffers.  This is not a win-win-win situation.

This is where the power of being a Certified Flourishing Life Coach comes in, as you will have a way to structure transformational packages and feel more confidence to raise your rates, raise your client results, ditch imposture syndrome and anxieties about helping clients achieve big results.

As an energy healer myself, certified at Master levels in both Usui Reiki and Karuna Reiki, as well as Divine Compassion Multidimensional Healing, and an Akashic Record Reader, I see that being a Certified Flourishing Life Coach allows you to bridge spirituality & energy with neuroscience, psychology and the science of flourishing in life and business.

Confidence to increase client results and transformation because it is based on the alchemy of social psychology, neuroscience, sociology, and clinical psychology in a evidence based success model and structure

  • Increase your leadership skillset
  • Personal benefit of inner work, thus improving aspects in your own life such as relationships, finances, time management
  • Increases your credibility as a coach
  • Increases audience and client trust

As a former registered psychologist, I can appreciate the validity the Flourishing Coaching Certification brings to the table, as our coaches complete the certification feeling confident in having a proven roadmap to walk their clients through, along with tools, templates and assessments to support them to walk their clients through.  At the same time, you can infuse your own gifts into the Flourishing Coaching Transformational model ™ to enhance the work you do with your clients. it’s incredible to see how powerful the Certification course is for the coach themselves, as they get to experience the power of having their own breakthroughs in being guided in this transformational model during our certification courses.  

In addition, with the pandemic here, this model allows you to work with your clients online, so that you aren’t reliant on your skills, if they are required in person (such as massage therapy), and you have more diversity available to make money in your business.  

About the Author

Rosalyn is An Intuitive Mindset & Visionary Business Coach Specializing In Client Attraction And Soulful Sales.  She Is An International Speaker & 2x Best-selling Author, Mastermind And Workshop Facilitator On Topics Of Self-love, Mastering Your Energy, Money Mindset & Attraction Marketing Through Speaking And Leveraging Social Media.

Rosalyn Is Host And Catalyst Of Her Live Radio Show turned Podcast: Activate Your Soulgasmic Business.  Her podcast ranks in the top 10% most popular globally! 

She Is A Co-author Of The International Best-selling Books “What’s Self-love Got To Do With It?” and “Business, Life & Universe”.  Rosalyn Has Been Featured In Huffington Post, CBC Radio, And Has Spoken For Fearless Woman Summit, This Woman Means Business And Harvard University.

As a Former Psychologist Of Over 10 Years, A 2nd Degree Blackbelt In Karate, A Reiki Master, and an Akashic Records Soul Coach, she combines The Power Of Neuroscience, Psychology And Spirituality To Help You Get Out Of Your Own Way, Unapologetically Show Up And Activate Your Soulgasmic Business In A Fun, Bold And Sexy Way.  

Rosalyn is the Director of Business Development For Coaches for the Certified Flourishing Coaching™ Program and is a Partner and Founding Member in Wellness Innovate.  She is also excited to facilitate the Certified Flourishing Coaching™ Program in Edmonton and Kelowna.