Did you ever imagine you would be facing the challenges you may be navigating through right now? I sure haven’t. 

What are the things or who are the people you cling to when life throws you curve balls?  

Perhaps the following can support you, as they have supported me through many seasons including the one now. 

1. Self Awareness: This is the first key I go to whenever situations arise. Of course, it’s not about going to a place where analysis paralysis happens. I say this as I sometimes think soooo much that nothing gets done and nothing changes.  

I was taught something once and I love it. ABC… Awareness Before Change. When I am aware of what I have done or lead well, I can also explore the areas where I could possibly improve. Life is about shifting and asking healthy questions of not only how to Do better, also how to Be better.

2. Gratitude: Sounds kind of cliché, yet really… having an attitude of gratitude makes a world of difference in the lens we see life through. When things get tough and relationships have breakdowns, it’s being thankful for what I have in my life. Oh the simple things we take for granted. Our friends, our family, the clean water we have, and the air we breathe. There is nothing too small. When we choose to be grateful, more goodness will be added. 

3. Voices: Be selective. This is an area where we must be diligent and discerning. Who we allow to speak into our lives will either lift us up or tear us down. Sometimes the people we think could speak life to us can end up being the opposite. Please note, sometimes positive support isn’t always how we expect it to look like, however if the feedback you receive from some isn’t going to help you move forward, then choose the voices which will help you move and pivot towards a better life and help you achieve the goals you set out to accomplish. Most of all, to help you be a better person. 

Please enjoy this poem by Joseph Anderson called Seasons 

How like the seasons is our life,
We face the sunshine, storms and strife;
As seasons come, so they must go,
We are enjoined within that flow.

In spring we start our journey new,
When flowers bloom and skies are blue;
The trees are budding, birds will sing,
With youth in bloom, it’s always spring.

‘Tis summer soon, we are mature,
Face love and kids, home and career;
It’s harvest time, success we seek,
These sounds of summer leave us weak.

Then autumn calls to have it’s say,
The foliage falls, the hair turns gray;
The chill descends and soon the frost,
We think, perhaps on things we lost.

Old winter grips with snow and cold,
We watch our destined fate unfold;
As now we near our time to go
And seek life’s final afterglow. 

About the Author

As the Director of Client of Experience and Certified Coach for Certified Flourishing Coaching™, Cynthia is the support system when it comes to project management and administration in the FCP Community.   She also has over two decades of experience working with people and supporting in creating the most ideal results when it comes to complex situations, high performance, and conflict resolution.  

When working with individuals and teams, Cynthia has the gift of understanding and meeting people where they are at while moving through obstacles to obtain the main goals and objectives.  By creating a safe environment, teams and businesses have been able to grow and expand and reach potentials never imagined before under her guidance and support.