Things are tough out there. There’s political unrest, inflation is through the roof, and with 1 in 4 Canadians unable to cover a $500 emergency, people are struggling. But for every problem, an opportunity is readily available. And what’s the opportunity in the midst of these struggles? We have a chance to develop resilience so we can flourish despite what’s happening around us. 

And the best part? Anyone can tap into this mentality. But you may wonder: How? In today’s article, we’re going over 17 simple ways you can start flourishing in your life regardless of what’s taking place “out there.” Keep reading to learn more.


1. Turn Off The News

As the saying goes: If it bleeds, it leads. The news delivers the most negative, gloomy, and pessimistic stories—and this is by design—because that’s what grabs people’s attention. There is nothing the news delivers that is going to benefit you. Turn it off, for good—your mental health is too important. Moreover, watching too much of the news can have other negative consequences, such as:

  • Warping your perception of the world
  • Making you more cynical and pessimistic 
  • Increasing personal anxieties 
  • Contribute to higher stress levels


2. Read A Book

Whether it’s for education or relaxation, reading a good book can help put you at ease. It has a calming effect on a stressed mind. In fact, in a 2009 study, it was concluded that reading can reduce stress by as much as 68%! That’s better than going for a walk or even listening to music! As a result, finding a quiet spot and picking up a book is among the most effective ways to put you in a good frame of mind and start flourishing in your life!


3. Spend Time With Good People

You are the company you keep. As such, it’s crucial to surround yourself with good quality people who uplift and encourage you. So ask yourself: Are the people in my life lifting me up or bringing me down? You know what the answer is. And if these relationships are not conducive to helping you flourish in life, you may need to cut them loose (or at the very least, reduce the time you spend with them).


4. Do What You Love

How much time do you make to do the things you love? All too often, we get bogged down with work commitments, family obligations, and other pressing responsibilities that we forget to make time for ourselves. This has to stop. You can’t give to others what you don’t have for yourself. For this reason, it’s essential to “fill your own cup” first. And the best way to do that? Spend time doing things you love and enjoy. 

Even if it’s only for a few minutes out of the day (or week). The idea is to get some time to yourself to recharge your batteries. The more you do activities that bring you happiness, the more you will…

  • Grow and develop your creativity 
  • Enjoy greater levels of motivation
  • Feel more productive (at work and at home)
  • Improve your ability to manage challenging situations
  • Become more optimistic in your daily life


5. Uplift Others

As much as it can sometimes feel like our problems are the most important things in the world, the truth is it’s not all about us. There’s a whole world of other people out there. And ironically enough, the more you focus on and contribute to them, the more you (by default) contribute to yourself. For this reason, shifting your focus from yourself to other people is one of the most powerful steps you can take to flourish in life.


Next Step: Get Ready To Flourish In Community

Flourishing is simply a matter of living correctly. And while everyone has their own preferences of how they want to live their lives, a few fundamentals exist for everyone. By following the steps laid out in this article, you can position yourself to flourish. However, if you feel you need some assistance, we can help. 

At Certified Flourishing Coach, we care about your success. And as professional coaches, trainers, and facilitators with an evidence-based approach to flourishing, we’re here to help you thrive. So contact us today to learn more. 

About the Author

Alex Brown

Alex Brown is a Self-Improvement Writer and Speaker. His work helps people cultivate decisiveness, channel discipline, and control their direction in life. Alex has written for some of the world’s most prominent and respected personal development sites and has given many speeches to schools, charity events, businesses, and organizations, educating audiences on the power of self-improvement.