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The Thriving Relationships Coaching Program™ operates in partnership with
Certified Flourishing Coaching™! Please check out the welcome message above, from the Director of Client Experience at Certified Flourishing Coaching™ Cynthia Chau-Hoang.

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In Certified Flourishing Coaching™, all our coaching programs are evidence-based, grounded in science, and draw from coaching best practices. Based on the psychology of flourishing and the most effective coaching techniques honed over decades of coaching and counseling tens of thousands of clients, along with training and certifying thousands of coaches all over the world, Certified Flourishing Coaching™ is the first coaching model that is evidence-based and truly global.

In order to get started, please access your Thriving Relationships Coaching Roadmap, which is a PDF in the “Materials” section that gives you direction for next steps, coaching session content, and growth work that you can begin right away.